Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Postcards from the Past - from Mar Roldan to Antonio Puerta

Hola mi amor - hello my love,

I know it's been a week since I last visited you, again I've bought you roses. You're a stupid excuse for a boyfriend - where are my lilies?

I still remember the day we met. My initial opinion - what an arrogant ego; stud earring, big physique, pearls for teeth. Yes, a big bad boy impression but then those lips moved and I fell in love.

A year since I gave birth to your son, 3 years since you represented your country, 6 since you stole my heart and almost 2 years till you physically left my life. You're not a memory though. You silenced the whole country. You remain here through me - mi novio. Siempre. Always you are the love of my life. You achieved your dreams, and I want our boy to achieve his - stubborn as he is... Like his dad. He's also got a heart of gold like his papa.

Yours truly
Me encanta tu, mi novio
I love you always my fiance

Love Mar x

This was written by Naadhran Dudra from Pulling Together inspired by the story of Antonio Puerta and Mar Roldan.